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A partnership between Conor Mccreedy,
Africarare and Innovation: Africa.


Africarare is Africa's
first Metaverse.

Experience Creator: Africarare

Conor Mccreedy is a South African-born,
Switzerland-based artist, globally recognized
for his blue-centric works of art and his efforts
to protect African wildlife.


Innovation: Africa is a non-profit organization that, to date, has brought clean water and light to more than 4 million people in rural African villages across 10 countries.

These three pioneers have created a unique
virtual safari experience that showcases Conor
Mccreedy's original Wildlife Alter Ego paintings
while supporting several causes across Africa.

Art Basel

Art Basel

Conor's most recent highlight was being commissioned to install his art and design
the Art Basel VIP Collectors Lounge.

Exhibiting 22 Art Pieces

Each unique artwork will be split into 4 collectibles. Purchase all 4 collectibles of an artwork
and you will own the entire artwork. You will then receive the 3D model of the artwork, which you can use in your own environment in Africarare or hold or trade as you please.

Art Basel

50% of the proceeds from the sales of Conor's art will go towards Innovation: Africa's Drops Of Life NFT campaign.

All proceeds from the Drops Of Life NFT campaign go towards Innovation: Africa's remarkable efforts to provide clean water and light to African villages in need.

Three pioneers, future-proofing Africa, together!

In addition to supporting Innovation: Africa's efforts to provide clean drinking water across Africa, the MCC World Ubuntu Metaverse also supports Conor's lion conservation foundation,Protecting African Lions, (PAL).

Furthermore, two iconic Amur leopard painti for which 50% of the sale
proceeds will go to the WWF trust that supports the endangered Amur leopard.

Art Basel

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