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The Quest For

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Welcome To The
Quest For The Kito Jewels


Join the chase,
uncover the riches

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Prepare For An Exciting Journey

Start your adventure by collecting the elusive Kito Jewels hidden within the vibrant realms of Africarare Ubuntuland. Your mission?

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Traverse the enchanting

from the bustling Central Kraal to the mystical depths of ancient forests and the ruins of sunken cities—each offering unique challenges and one of the three Kito Jewels: Gold, Emerald, or Tanzanite.

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Here's How To Play:

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Explore & collectible item

Explore &

Dive into Ubuntuland and seek out the three Scotorial Kito Jewels.

Secure Your collectible item

Secure Your

Once you've gathered all three jewels, you'll unlock access to the exclusive Kilo Raffle Page.

Enter The collectible item

Enter The

Buy your raffle tickets with SUBU tokens. Each ticket costs 100 SUBU, increasing your chances to win a colossal prize!

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Weekly Winner
Takes All

The prize pot, filled by participants, rewards one lucky adventurer every seven days with the entire pool!

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Collect Your Jewels
Community Prize Pot To Be Won

Community & Celebration

Be more than just a treasure hunter! Join a vibrant community of explorers in Ubuntuland, share stories, swap strategies, and celebrate victories. Every jewel you find not only brings you closer to wealth but weaves you deeper into the tapestry of this magical world.

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Ubuntu tokens
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Are You Prepared For Glory

The jewels are ready, the community is waiting, and the adventure of a lifetime is just a click away. Tap into the spirit of Africarare Ubuntuland, chase the fortune, and make your mark in the legend of Kito.

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Embark on Your Quest Now – where every find is a step closer to treasure, and every ticket could be the key to your fortune.

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Terms and conditions apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Quest for the Kito’s Jewels?

The Quest for the Kito Jewels is a thrilling virtual adventure in Africarare Ubuntuland where participants collect virtual jewels through various interactive experiences. Once you collect three specific jewels, you qualify to participate in a weekly raffle with a chance to win a significant prize.

How do I start the quest?

To start your quest, simply click on the 'Start Your Adventure' button on the landing page. You'll be guided on how to navigate through Ubuntuland and begin your journey to find the Kito Jewels.

What are Kito Jewels and where can I find them?

Kito Jewels are virtual tokens represented by three different colors: Gold, Emerald, and Tanzanite. Each jewel can be found in different areas of Ubuntuland, such as the Central Kraal, enchanted forests, and sunken cities. Explore these areas to collect the jewels.

How do I collect the jewels?

As you navigate through various experiences in Ubuntuland, you will encounter opportunities to collect jewels. Participation in different activities or completing specific challenges will reward you with jewels.

What happens after I collect all three jewels?

Once you have collected one of each type of Kito Jewel (Gold, Emerald, Tanzanite), you'll gain access to the Kito Raffle Page where you can purchase raffle tickets to enter the weekly drawing.

How do I buy raffle tickets?

On the Kito Raffle Page, you can purchase raffle tickets by spending $UBU tokens. Each raffle ticket costs 1,000 $UBU. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can buy, and the more tickets you purchase, the higher your chances of winning.

How is the winner determined?

The winner is chosen through a parimutuel system where all the stakes collected from the ticket purchases are pooled together. A single winner is drawn randomly every 7 days and wins the entire prize pool.

How often are raffles held?

Raffles are held weekly. The draw typically takes place at the end of each week, and winners are announced on our platform and via email to all participants.

What is the prize for winning the raffle?

The prize varies each week depending on the total number of tickets sold. The entire amount collected from the ticket sales forms the prize pot for that week, which is awarded to the single winner.

Can I participate more than once?

Yes, you can participate in as many raffles as you like, as long as you have collected enough jewels to gain access and have sufficient $UBU tokens to purchase tickets.

Where can I see the results of the raffle?

Raffle results are posted on the official Africarare Ubuntuland website and are also communicated to participants via email. Make sure to check your email and our site regularly for updates.

What are the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions detail the rules of participation, eligibility requirements, and other legal aspects of the Quest for the Kito Jewels. We recommend reading them thoroughly before participating, which can be found on our website footer or by clicking on the 'Terms & Conditions' link at the bottom of the page.

Where can I view my raffle entries and status?

You can view all your raffle entries and the status of current and past raffles directly on your profile page in Africarare Ubuntuland. This section will show the number of tickets you've purchased, the raffles you've entered, and the outcome of each raffle. It's a convenient way to keep track of your participation and any winnings.