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Course Highlights

Welcome & Opening

Meet your educators and understand the context of the Metaverse 101 Course.

Introduction into the Metaverse

Touching on a brief history in the origins of the Metaverse. Understanding the highs, hypes and lows of the Metaverse while exploring ways in which leading organizations define the Metaverse. You will be introduced to the building blocks and key characteristics of the Metaverse.

The Function & Development of the Metaverse

Gain a better understanding of the evolution of the Internet into Web 3.0 and the Metaverse, while learning about the constraints to the utilities of the Metaverse, and exploring examples of hardware, Web 3 and Distributed Ledger Technologies that can enable and accelerate the development of the Metaverse.

Value in the Metaverse

Understand where corporates are identifying value within Metaverse enablers and relative ecosystem.

Metaverse 101 Closing

Wrap up the module content relating to the Metaverse.

What you get


Interactive Learning

Understand the concept of Metaverse and its key characteristics. 


From Basics to Brilliance

Contribute towards and understand the potential applications of the Metaverse.


Empowered Skillset

Evaluate and explore the potential benefits and challenges of using the Metaverse to solve real-world problems. 


Certified Expertise

Earn a certification upon completion, bolstering your professional and personal growth for future jobs.


Community & Support

Join a community of learners, share ideas, and get your questions answered.

Meet your educator

Metaverse 101

Valter Adao

Chief Executive and Digital Leader

Strategy, Digital & Innovation Specialist

Valter is the Chief Executive and Digital Leader for Cadena Growth Partners, a digital business modernisation, innovation for growth and venturing organization that operates at the intersect of strategic and innovation thinking, with emerging digital technologies and rapid commercialization.

He guides organizations beyond potential disruption, towards creating new opportunities for relevance, growth and expansion by contextualising and leveraging the potential and economics of emerging technologies and disruptive trends.

He is the former Chief Digital and Innovation Officer for Deloitte, managing and founding partner for Monitor Deloitte and Managing Partner for Deloitte Digital in Africa. He was also part of Deloitte’s Global Innovation Executive. He is a faculty member of Singularity University, the recipient of the Constellation Transformation 150 Award, which recognizes the top global executives leading digital business transformation efforts, a Professor of Practice at the Johannesburg Business School, and a TedX speaker.

He was recently awarded as the Big 4 Professional of the Year, by the South African Professional Services Academy, who also recognized him as a top Profession in South Africa’s Digital Industry. Valter holds an Msc and an MBA, has trained with Roger Martin, as a master strategist and is the recipient of numerous academic awards.

Abdul Soondka

Senior Consultant and DLT Specialist

Abdul is a consultant, entrepreneur and an academic, with experience in cross-border operations and transactions. He is currently part of Cadena Growth Partner’s Digital and Innovation Advisory team. Cadena is a digital-for-business-modernisation, innovation-for-growth and venturing organisation that operates at the intersect of strategic and innovative thinking, emerging digital technologies and rapid commercialisation.

His primary focus is the Distributed Ledger Technology domain, where he is responsible for assessing the utility and economics of targeted DLT projects for investment and implementation purposes, thereby helping clients contextualise value through the DLT’s emerging capabilities. Abdul has helped developed the assessment frameworks used for investment analysis, utility assessments, practical deployment technical considerations, as well as regulatory requirements. He has also led the technical deployment of DLT related implementations.

He has held digital advisory roles with a focus on business intelligence and optimisation. He was an assistant lecturer in Systems Analysis and Design for the University of Pretoria and has a strong technical and academic background in leading technologies and trends. Abdul was named as Mail & Guardian’s Top 200 Young South Africans in 2022 for his work in the technology space, he has received accolades from the Golden Key International Honours Society, and the awarded the Informatics 370 award for the best System, exhibition, project and overall winner.”

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Africarare?

Africarare is a metaverse for African creativity. It’s a 3D virtual reality experience that is set in Ubuntuland, a virtual world which marries creativity and commerce.

What is Ubuntuland?

Ubuntuland is a circular region in Africa’s Metaverse in which users can create and monetize experiences like art exhibitions, concerts, film festivals, business meetings, games, and social experiences.

What is the Metaverse 101 Course about?

This course is designed to provide insight into the Metaverse; the origin, history, the value and basic fundamentals of the Metaverse.

Do I need programming skills to take this course?

No, you don't need any programming skills. This course is designed for beginners without technical backgrounds.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course consists of five modules and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. You can pace yourself and go through the content at your own speed.

Is there a fee for this course?

The course is free to take. If you score more than 80% on the quizzes, you can optionally mint a Soul-bound NFT certificate (not transferable) when you complete the course for 600 UBU.

Do I need any special software or equipment to take this course?

No, you don't need any special software or equipment. You can access the course content online from your computer or mobile device. You will need to signup an account on

Will I receive a certificate upon completing the course?

If you score more than 80% on the quizzes, you can optionally mint a Soul-bound NFT certificate when you complete the course for 600 UBU.