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Discover the African Metaverse

Exclusive art, land and avatars in one immersive virtual world

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Official NFT debut of world renowned South African artist Norman Catherine whose body of work spans painting, sculpture, printmaking and mixed media.

Feeding my monster

3rd floor of the Mila Gallery

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Africa Rare is a 3D virtual reality experience set in Ubuntuland.

We believe there is a unique opportunity for an African NFT marketplace to uncover Africa’s untapped creative talent.


We want to create and develop a home for African creativity and innovation.


Using the $UBU Coin, Ubuntuland can be bought, traded or kept as well as used for various experiences such as art exhibitions, games, social experiences.

And there’s more to come such as staking, DAO and unique African talent.

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Everything in Africarare can be bought sold or traded using the $UBU coin. 

Coming to you in 2022.

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African Art

Discover Unique African
Artists from all areas.


Purchase your piece of
Ubuntuland, create your
own application on top of it.

Avatars & Skins

Create your own unique
avatars that can be traded
along with unique skins such
as hats, jackets and even


Various Africarare NFT
collections will be released
starting with the kito™

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Discover original South African and African art in an immersive VR art gallery

The Mila gallery (Swahili for ‘tradition’) will host some of Africa’s most famous artists.

The Inuka gallery (Swahili for ‘rise’) will host some of Africa’s up and coming artists. 

Future artists will have the opportunity to purchase or rent a parcel of land and put up an art shop that they can use to sell their own NFT art. 

Artworks by

- Norman Catherine

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Digital land with
roots in Africa

Build you own environment or application
in Ubuntuland.

Land is divided up into tokenized plots of land, which can be purchased, rented out, and developed by players. 


In the future landholders can customise their territory to host shops, produce resources, house NPC’s, and develop their own games and applications! rented out, and developed by players.

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Procedurally generated
avatars with unique art
patterns & Artist drops

Enter Africarare as unique distinctly African avatars (various collections and artist releases)


  • Avatars are NFT’s and travel through Africarare.

  • Purchase unique items for your avatar in themarketplace.

  • Explore Ubuntuland art locations.

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First edition NFT collection inspired by Africa’s precious

Every NFT in the Africarare Kito™ Collection features a unique combination of precious metals, minerals and natural materials like wood and stone.

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An Africarare NFT?

The first step is to set up a MetaMask wallet, if, of course, you don’t already have one! Here’s a helpful instructional video, and if you have any questions, please hop into our Discord server and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.


Follow the steps below, we’ve created a simple 4-step buying process using MetaMask and ETH. Remember - a MetaMask wallet is required for ALL collectors.

Once you've set up your MetaMask wallet, click in the Mila Gallery on "Buy Now". 

This will take you to our marketplace where you can connect your wallet. You can find the "Connect" button in the top right corner.

Then all you need to do is click "Buy" and make sure you have enough funds in your wallet to purchase.

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Save the dates




(Meta)Mask up


It's sales day.
Now what?!

Africarare pieces will be available to purchase at with various drops at different dates.

Visit the "How do I buy?"
section on the website for
a breakdown of each
sale. Join our Instagram,
Twitter or Discord for
important updates

When you purchase
with Ethereum, you'll
need to set up a
crypto wallet called a
MetaMask. Be sure to
load up your wallet at
least two days prior to the sale.

Connect your MetaMask wallet to the Africarare, rarible acount via the "Connect" button in the nav bar, and select "Buy" or "Auction" at
the top of the page.


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