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"How to Buy UBU"

Purchasing UBU is straightforward, whether you prefer a centralized exchange like MexC or a decentralized exchange like Quickswap.

How to Buy UBU

Choose from a Credit card, DEX or CEX:
For crypto natives our partnered decentralised exchange (DEX) is quickswap and centralised exchange (CEX) is MEXC. For new users we have partnered with Flooz to enable you to purchase UBU directly with your credit card.
Follow the simple process:
On Quickswap (DEX), simply connect your wallet below to purchase or visit quickswap.exchange directly.
On MexC (CEX), create an account, deposit funds, and navigate to the UBU token to purchase.
Start your journey with UBU today by choosing your preferred platform and following the easy steps to buy!
For more detailed instructions, visit the respective platforms below.

Buy UBU on Flooz

Purchase UBU directly with your credit card

Buy on Fonbnk

(purchase stablecoins using mobile money or airtime, then swap for $UBU using Flooz)

Buy UBU on Quickswap

Swap for UBU onchain via Quickswap

Buy UBU on MexC
Buy UBU on an exchange via MEXC