Drops of Life

A collaboration between Africarare and Innovation: Africa, bringing clean water to Africa.
Innovation: Africa

Innovation: Africa

Experience Creator: Africarare
Size: 6x6
Coordinates: 45, -155
Room Map
Room Map

450 million people in Africa do not have access to clean water.

Introducing the
Innovation: Africa

Since 2008, using Israeli solar and water
technology, Innovation: Africa has delivered
access to clean water and light to
more than 4 million
people across 10
African countries.
To further this mission, Africarare is creating a custom Innovation: Africa village in Ubuntuland to showcase the organization's life-changing work. Through this village, viewers can learn more about the technology used, experience the success stories and witness the impact of their life-changing work.
In addition, Africarare will be launching a unique collection of Water Drop NFTs called
Drops of Life
The collection includes 5 Water Drop NFTs:
Diamond drop
Gold drop
Silver drop
Platinum drop
Bronze drop
Each Water Drop NFT has different attributes and variations based on the type of donation from the buyer.
First off, our aim is to help get clean drinking water to the people of
Karamoja in Uganda
The region is experiencing extreme famine and the people there are in urgent need of assistance.
The Drops of Life NFTs will be available mid 2023. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to support Innovation: Africa’s ongoing projects.
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“We are truly excited to launch this partnership with Africarare, taking this unique opportunity to create NFTs for good and enable each buyer to make a direct, significant and transformative impact with each Drop of Life purchased. Access to water is a right, not a privilege and we are grateful for your support.”
Sivan Ya'ari, Founder and CEO, Innovation: Africa
Sivan Ya'ari