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The Spirit of Ubuntu

Ubuntu - an ancient African word meaning 'I am because we are.' It encapsulates the belief that we achieve our best as individuals when we collaborate and lift each other up as a community. Inspired by this powerful concept, we introduce the Ubuntu token - the token of the people.

At Ubuntu, we firmly believe in the adage, 'If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.' Our vision aligns with Africarare's mission to break barriers and empower communities by leveraging the power of AI and mixed reality.

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Ubuntu Token:
Building a New Digital Economy

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    Designed for everyone - Ubuntulanders, brands, and communities - the Ubuntu token is the heart of Africarare's Ubuntuland, an AI-powered 3D virtual world where you can create your own social experiences, applications, games, retail stores and more.

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    Our token has a unique tokenomics model, aligning with our mission to empower and uplift. Every transaction with the Ubuntu token contributes to the change we envision.

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    When you purchase Ubuntu tokens through Africarare's website, 1% of the 5% transaction fee will directly aid these causes. This way, you're creating a positive impact in the world and becoming part of the Ubuntu movement.

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    10% of all transaction fees are directed to the charity treasury, funding initiatives such as providing clean drinking water to people in Africa through the Drops of Life campaign and Innovation: Africa, as well as offering tertiary business education to students of the Maharishi Institute.


Ubuntu DAO:
Governance with a Heart

In the future, we will establish the Africarare Ubuntu DAO, which will empower our platform's users with voting rights, letting them decide which philanthropic initiatives in Africa to fund. This feature extends the spirit of Ubuntu to you, our community, allowing you to actively engage and make a difference.

A Unique Staking Mechanism:
Rewarding Your Loyalty

Our unique staking mechanism rewards users for holding onto the Ubuntu token. The longer you hold the token, the higher your tier, and the larger your rewards over time. It's a strategy that echoes the essence of our philosophy: if you want to go far, go together.

Join Us
On This Journey

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey - to embrace the spirit of Ubuntu and create a positive impact in the world, that empowers individuals, brands, and communities. Let’s go far together. Be a part of the Ubuntu token community today!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Ubuntu Token?

Ubuntu Token is a digital utility inspired by the African concept of Ubuntu - "I am because we are". The token is central to the Africarare Ubuntuland metaverse and is built on the principle of community empowerment and shared progress.

How can I purchase Ubuntu Tokens?

Ubuntu Tokens can be purchased directly through the Africarare website or on Uniswap and various central exchanges in the future. We recommend creating an account for seamless transactions and access to exclusive benefits.

What is the Ubuntu token used for?

The Ubuntu token is a multi-purpose token. It serves as the primary medium of exchange within the Africarare Ubuntuland metaverse. It can be used to purchase land, create social experiences, applications, games, or set up retail stores in Ubuntuland. Also, every transaction made with the Ubuntu token contributes to various philanthropic initiatives.

How does the Ubuntu Token support charitable causes?

10% of all transaction fees made with Ubuntu Tokens go directly to our charity treasury. These funds are used to support initiatives like providing clean drinking water to people in Africa and offering tertiary business education to African students. When you purchase Ubuntu tokens through Africarare's website, 1% (20%) of the 5% transaction fee is also allocated to these causes.

How does the Ubuntu Token's staking mechanism work?

Ubuntu Token uses a unique staking mechanism that rewards long-term holders. The longer you hold your tokens, the higher your tier level, and the larger your rewards. The details of the staking tiers and rewards can be found in our tokenomics section.

What is the Africarare Ubuntu DAO?

The Africarare Ubuntu DAO is a proposed decentralized autonomous organization that will allow Ubuntu token holders to vote on various philanthropic initiatives to be funded in Africa. This is part of our mission to democratize decision-making and empower our community.

What is the risk involved in buying Ubuntu Tokens?

Ubuntu Tokens carry risk, as their value can fluctuate widely, and sellers might not get back the amount they initially purchased the token for. We recommend that you conduct your own due diligence, consult with a financial advisor, and only buy with money you can afford to lose.

How can I get more information about Ubuntu Tokens?

For more information about Ubuntu Tokens, you can visit our detailed guide on our website or contact our customer support team. We're always here to help!