#future proof Africa

Africarare is focused on building and uplifting Africa...

through various educational, entrepreneurship and conservation initiatives. Aside from setting up internship, learnership and high level training programmes, we will invest a percentage of all profits directly into causes, businesses and programmes (both social and conservation based) that we believe in. Aside from the fact that Africa is our home, we’re doing this because we’re extremely bullish about the social and economic future of the continent, and we’re dedicated to environmental and wildlife conservation.

Over the last seven years, our mission through Singularity University and other avenues has been to FutureproofAfrica by empowering leading African minds to form a globally connected community of changemakers. Now, through Africarare, we have an opportunity to take our FutureproofAfrica mission to the next level by creating jobs of the future and uncovering untapped creative talent on a previously unimaginable scale.

Africa is growing exponentially, with the population expected to cross the 2.5 billion mark by 2050.

The continent has some of the highest crypto adoption rates in the world and emerging markets investment analysts are betting on the continent’s crypto and tech-savvy population to bring on a massive digital boom in the years to come.

One of the biggest drivers of this accelerated growth that Africarare presents us with is that the metaverse space is the ultimate equalizer.

There are no advantages to be gained based on connections, race, class, gender or geography. If users create epic goods, services and content, people are going to take notice. Simple as that. As more users move in, more applications, experiences, ideas, collaborations and innovations will be developed, and the creator economy will flourish. The days of Africa chasing the tail of disruption are over. It’s time to FutureproofAfrica.

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