+What is Africarare?
Africarare has a bold vision to serve over a billion people and break barriers by leveraging the power of AI and mixed reality. With a focus on Africa and communities worldwide, Africarare aims to create an inclusive platform that empowers individuals, brands, and communities to unleash their potential. By combining AI and mixed reality technologies, Africarare provides an immersive and interactive experience that transcends geographical boundaries. The platform enables users to connect, collaborate, and explore new possibilities in a dynamic digital environment.
+What is $UBUNTU Token?
$UBUNTU Token is the currency of Ubuntuland in Africarare. Using the $UBUNTU Token, Ubuntuland can be bought, traded or kept, as well as used for various experiences such as art exhibitions, games, and social experiences.
+What is Ubuntuland?
Ubuntuland is a circular structure created by the Mambo Council to protect themselves against the Yamaleks. Ubuntuland allows users to create, experience and monetize content and applications like art exhibitions, concerts, film festivals, business meetings, play-to-earn games, social experiences, and much more.
+How can I buy land?
Currently there are only two ways to purchase land in Ubuntuland; 1. Email [email protected] for interest in private sales; 2. Wait for the public land sale auctions that will take place at the full moon's first light when the land is visible to the public at the end of April 2022
+What are tribes?
Many tribes formed in Africarare Ubuntuland, with the Mambo Council serving as the body through which societal decisions are made. The Origin Tribes were the original inhabitants, and Settler Tribes formed as people joined the community from around the world. The Origin Tribes have the same rarities categories, which are:

Africarare - Royal Family (all unique)

Ultra-rare - range between 300-800

Rare - range between 1200-1800

Scarce - range between 1800-3500

Natural - range between 2400-6000

+Why should I purchase a Norman Catherine piece?
Anyone who owns a Norman Catherine piece that launched in the Mila Gallery will form part of our OG community and be elegible for ongoing rewards such as airdrops, IRL & Metaverse private event invites, whitelists, giveaways and more for 2022 and beyond.
+Another player is bothering me. What can I do?
+What currencies are accepted for payment?
$UBUNTU & Ether
+What is the Africarare marketplace and what can you buy?
The marketplace is where creators and developers can trade in-world assets between users. It’s the place to buy land, avatars, avatar additions and all other goods and services that are and will be available in Ubuntuland. In the Africarare marketplace, you are able to purchase Ubuntuland, African art, avatars and skins, and digital services.
+What is the difference between the Mila gallery and the Inuka gallery?
The Mila gallery hosts some of Africa’s most famous artists, while the Inuka gallery hosts some of Africa’s up and coming artists.
+How do I enter the virtual gallery?
To enter the gallery, click on the 'Ubuntuland' tab at the top, then select 'Mila Gallery'.
+Why can't I access the virtual gallery?
For best results, use the Chrome browser. Alternatively, try restarting your browser or refreshing the page.