Explore Africa in Africarare, Ubuntuland

06 June 2024

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Africarare in Partnership with the Metaverse Tourism Association will be hosting a series of webinars in Africarare Ubuntuland. We invite you to explore Africa’s wild side from the comfort of your own home. Register now for our upcoming webinar and let the adventure begin!

Organized by the Metaverse Tourism Association, these informative webinars are revolutionizing the way we experience travel and adventure. By harnessing the power of virtual space, we’re breaking down barriers and making it possible for anyone, anywhere to embark on exciting journeys of discovery. Join us as we pioneer the future of travel and bring the wonders of the world to your doorstep.

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Featured Guest:
Lisa Gibbons

Lisa Gibbons is a metaverse advisor, writer and Founder of Orchards Near Me, a platform dedicated to foraging and sustainability. She is also co-founder of the first Irish Pub in the Web3 Metaverse and has a Masters in International Tourism. She is fascinated by the opportunities of virtual environments to create a more sustainable future.

Metaverse Marketing: Harnessing the power of New Tech for Brand Growth.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the Metaverse emerges as a new marketing channel with possibilities for new and existing travel businesses. In this webinar, we will discuss the unique opportunities that the Metaverse presents for travel and tourism companies, exploring innovative ways to engage with audiences, create immersive experiences, and drive growth in virtual realms. Join us as we uncover strategies to navigate this digital terrain, harnessing the power of the Metaverse to redefine the hybrid future of travel.

Who is this for?


curious about emerging technologies and their impact on society


interested in exploring new career opportunities within the Metaverse


seeking to understand the potential for business growth and innovation in the Metaverse


looking to incorporate Metaverse concepts into their teaching strategies

This webinar will be free for all MTA members and be streamed live from Africarare, Ubuntuland.

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The Metaverse Tourism Association is an organization committed to the hybrid future of tourism where we explore both physical and virtual opportunities. Through our members, initiatives and strategic events we wish to explore metaverse potential and drive adoption by fostering new ways for tourism services to build communities within virtual environments. As the future of social engagement and immersive technologies collide our lives are played out via these virtual spaces.

The tourism sector has already proved itself to be one of the most important industries to global economies. At the MTA we believe that this value and the skillsets of tourism professionals can be translated into the metaverse.

Traditionally bound by physical limitations, the metaverse has unlocked new dimensions for travel enthusiasts and businesses alike. It is the role of the MTA and it’s members to:


Motivate and guide official tourism bodies, tourism service providers and the sector to incorporate metaverse technologies into their offerings.


Promote awareness, understanding, and adoption of new technologies to enhance the tourism sector.


Foster collaborations among industry stakeholders to drive innovative tourism projects, both physical and virtual.

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We are delighted to team up with Africarare to showcase the very best of African tourism to a wider audience. From unique experiences to luxury wine tours to the ultimate Safari’s, the MTA will bridge the physical world to the virtual world through a range of events, webinars and promotions with partners around the world.