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We've created Ubuntuland in the Africarare metaverse, and you're invited to stake your claim!

It's a place of creativity, exponential technology and innovation, through which we're unlocking Africa's true potential by connecting this great continent to the heart of the digital economy.

You can buy, sell and rent property and other digital assets in Ubuntuland.

Doing so will set you up for life in the Africarare metaverse. With your footprint in place, you can create, innovate, interact and be part of the biggest wave of development and opportunity that Africa has ever seen. You can share experiences by becoming part of a tribe or setting up own tribe or community in one of Ubuntuland's virtual villages that form community-based hubs of like-minded interests. The villages are made up of various sizes from the biggest village 24x24 (576 plots of land) to smallest village a 1x1 (Single plot of land).`}

The layout of Ubuntuland is inspired by traditional African architecture, which often employs circular enclosures to house communities and secure wealth.

A place for gamers, dreamers, brands, individuals and more.

There are 204 642 plots of land available. The land plots are positioned and priced according to a tiered value system, and the land is owned by community members, giving users full control over their creations. Title deeds and certifications of ownership are issued when you purchase land, in addition to a blockchain confirmation. The central area of Ubuntuland is reserved for custom-made Africarare experiences which will be released over time.

The currency within Ubuntuland is the $UBUNTU token, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain

With your footprint in place, you can create, innovate, interact and be part of the biggest wave of development and opportunity that Africa has ever seen. Landholders can customise their territory to do anything from hosting shops, producing resources, housing NPCs and developing games or any other applications. And there's more to come, like staking, DAO and blockchain play-to-earn gaming.

access to all the

Africarare Environments

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University - Exponential Learning

Land and Avatars

Experience the African Bush

Deep Calm Meditation Spaces

Eclectic Virtual Concerts

Engaging Art Galleries

Inspirational Meeting Rooms

Inspirational Meeting Rooms

Sensory-enhancing Spaces

Tranquil Therapy Rooms

University - Exponential Learning

Land and Avatars

Enter Africarare as a virtual NFT avatar at the welcome area of the central village, and start developing your own unique persona and crypto portfolio in virtual Africa. Purchase unique items for your avatar in the marketplace. Join your tribe and unlock your potential in the virtual world of Ubuntuland.


Own your piece of Virtual Africa

Ubuntu. "I am because you are"

For private land sales email: [email protected]

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